“A Fresh Start” CD

“A Fresh Start”

New CD-now available January 23, 2017! It is also available for download at:


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6 instrumentals


PARAISO (por Elvia)– A solo guitar instrumental that I wrote for my wife when we first started dating. I have made other recordings previously, but have not been satisfied with performances and/or recording quality. So I decided to try again. This is the first actual release of this song.

Personnel- JW, playing Ross Gutmeier custom Flamenco Classical guitar.

MEDITERRANEAN SUNSET: Inspired by my friend Yener Korkut (RIP, my friend),  as well as Strunz and Farah, Mediterranean Sunset is a Noveau Flamenco style with a Spanish flavor. As a trivia note, we performed it many times at the now infamous Maggiano’s location in DC, in the spring through fall of 2015, while doing our weekly steady there.


JW- Nylon string guitars

Sven Abow- Percussion and percussion recording.

Lynwood Salvo- Bass and bass recording.

INDIGO MIDNIGHT BLUE– A traditional style jazz tune I wrote  for a Music Library listing. I enlisted the help of my good friend Ken Kilpatrick to perform with me on this. I programmed the drums and bass ahead of time for the form, and we played live and together for the guitar parts. the solos were improvised, of course.

That is Ken playing the intro, I play the melody and the first solo. Ken plays the 2nd solo.


JW-Guitar and Bass/Drum programming

Ken Kilpatrick-Guitar

LONGING FOR SUNDOWN: A 6/8 minor blues written with just an idea in mind. I had the title from a random title generator I used, looking for some inspiration. You can probably catch the lyric a little right at the beginning. “Woke up this morning, longing for sundown”.

For a song like this, i wanted as many live people playing together as possible, to get that “feel” that can be missing from edited together , overdubbed digital stuff. so I was able to get help from my friends BT Richardson (bass) and Raice McLeod (drums). We did the main track live as a trio-there are overdubs added to fill things out later, but they add to the feel, I think.

I also have 2 vocal versions recorded (not available on this CD of instrumentals, but available by request, sung by Lana Spence , and another by Bob Mallardi of the Bad Influence Band, with lyrics by CeCi Sigmund. They are great performances, and I  recommend them highly!



BT Richardson-Bass

Raice McLeod-Drums

WINDOWS DOWN: Another song where the title came firstI was inspired by some kid’s music because of the Ukulele used. A uke makes me smile as soon as I hear it, so I wanted to do something that had the uke on it, but wasn’t obviously “music for kids”. I wanted it to sound like the title, the kind of thing where you’d put it on in a summer day on the way to the beach.


JW- Ukulele, guitars, bass, drum programming.

SONG FOR DEE: Originally released on the CD “It’s Christmas All Over” (1998!), a collaboration with my good friend “Dr. Dave” Reynolds. For a few years in a row we had gotten together to record a few Christmas tunes each holiday, as struggling musicians who couldn’t afford to buy gifts for everyone on our lists. Eventually, we hit what we considered critical mass, and decided that a more formal offering would be in order. “It’s Christmas All Over” was that effort. We wanted to play on the fact that it was Christmas all over the world, but also reflect the styles we played the Christmas songs on the CD, which were truly “all over”. We each wrote an original composition for the CD, and this was mine. I played the melody on steel string acoustic, Dave played the first solo on nylon string, I played the 2nd.


JW- Steel string acoustic guitars, Bass, Drum programming.

“Dr. Dave” Reynolds– Nylon string guitar

All recordings engineered (except as noted above) and mixed by John Ware,  Mastering by Paul Tewksbury.

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