Available Now! New Song en Español with Tina Smith

I recently wrote and recorded a song with vocalist/lyricist/artist Tina Smith, which was partially inspired by my Taiwan trip in September 2017. On the plane I (re)discovered Alex Cuba’s music, in particular his CD “Lo Unico Constante”, and was very much inspired to write some new songs with Spanish lyrics and that musical backdrop. Enter Tina Smith, who was willing to jump in the pool with me and go for it. In came Tina, and out came “Recuerda” (“Remember”). I came up with the initial “shape” of the song, chord structure and (part of) the form, Tina wrote the melody and lyrics, and we collaborated on the rest of the details.

We were aided and abetted by our friends and excellent musicians Lynwood Salvo (Bass) and Cliff Hackford (percussion). “Recuerda” was our first collaboration, with others to follow. Here’s a link to her website with the song, lyrics, and other info.


you can stream and download here also:


available at all of your favorite online retailers and streaming sites 1/31/18!

Please enjoy, share, download, buy, etc. Thank you!

La nueva canción de Tina Smith en espańol! Recuerda cuando fuimos jóvenes? Recuerda cuando la vida era mas sencilla y la calle nos llamó? Descargala ahora!

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